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No tiesībsargāšanas iestāžu un specdienestu vadītāju vidus ASV vēstniecībai Rīgā ziņojusi ne tikai Korupcijas novēršanas un apkarošanas biroja vadība un ģenerālprokurors Jānis Maizītis, bet arī Satversmes aizsardzības biroja direktors Jānis Kažociņš, - Wikileaks publiskotajās vēstniecības šifrogrammās atrodama vismaz viena atsauce uz Kažociņa vēstniecības darbiniekiem sniegtām ziņām.

Kādā 2008. gada jūnija šifrogrammā toreizējais ASV vēstnieks Latvijā Čārlzs Larsons īpaši norāda, ka nav pamata Tautas partijas vecbiedra Gundara Bērziņa apgalvojumiem presē par Kažociņa biežām vizītēm ASV vēstniecībā: „Sākoties diskusijām par Kažociņa pārvēlēšanas iespējamību, Bērziņš apgalvoja (nepatiesi), ka Kažociņš apmeklē vēstniecību 2-3 reizes nedēļā, un salīdzināja viņu ar ASV vēstnieka kalponi.”

Taču šajās pašās šifrogrammās norādīts vismaz uz vienu gadījumu, kad arī Kažociņš tikai dažus mēnešus iepriekš personiski sniedzis vēstniecības darbiniekam būtisku informāciju, apstiprinot, ka tiek apspriests jautājums, kā pieklājīgi „parādīt durvis” krievu diplomātam, atvaļinātam Krievijas Ārējās izlūkošanas dienesta virsniekam Anatolijam Kagolovam (Kagalovam).

Līdzīgu informāciju ASV vēstniecībai personiski sniedzis arī toreizējais Ārlietu ministrijas valsts sekretārs Normans Penke. Tiesa, atšķirībā no gadījuma ar KNAB vadītājiem Loskutovu un Strīķi, kuri ASV vēstniecībā bija vērsušies faktiski pēc izpratnes un palīdzības sakarā ar biroja naudas zādzības skandālu, par Kažociņa un Penkes īpašiem lūgumiem nekas netiek ziņots.

Pietiek publisko abu šifrogrammu pilnus tekstus.





Embassy Riga


2008-01-11 14:58:00






This cable was not redacted by Wikileaks.



DE RUEHRA #0022 0111458


P 111458Z JAN 08




S E C R E T RIGA 000022




REF: TD-315/001443-08

Classified By: Charge d'Affaires Stuart M. Seldowitz.

Reason: 1.4 (b, c and d)

1. (S/NF) Summary: A Russian diplomat in Latvia, who is a declared SVR officer, will leave his post by the time his visa expires in June because his previous expulsion from France has him on a Schengen blacklist.

The GOL has decided not to expel the individual because they do not have information on any inappropriate activity in Latvia.

The GOL had downplayed the issue to avoid a fight with Moscow over what is really not a Latvian issue, although this may now change.

This case is separate from the possible expulsion of another Russian embassy employee on whom the Latvians can prove involvement in espionage, which is now likely to go forward later in January.

The sum total of these events could cause some difficulties in Latvian/Russian relations End summary.

2. (U) On December 30, a TV news show ran a story that the Latvian government was preparing to expel a first secretary of the Russian Embassy for intelligence activity.

The MFA originally denied the story and then leaked that there was a Russian diplomat who had an issue because of Latvia's admission to the Schengen zone in December 2007.

The individual in question, the press reported, was on a black list for activities in another Schengen country and therefore could not be issued a further Latvian visa.

3. (S/NF) Janis Kazocins, chief of the SAB (main intelligence agency) told post GRPO chief that the individual in question is Anatoly Kagolov, who is a declared SVR officer.

Kagolov was declared PNG in France some years ago for espionage activity, but because he is declared in Riga, the Latvians did not see the need to expel him.

MFA State Secretary Penke told Charge similar information, noting that Kagolov's current visa expires in June and that the GOL has told the Russian Embassy that he will have to depart by that date and that his current visa does not allow him to travel outside of Latvia.

The Russians were not happy about this outcome but accepted it.

4. (S/NF) GRPO sources confirm that Kagolov is not the same individual that the SAB is recommending be expelled for espionage activities (ref).

In a January 11 update to GRPO chief, GOL officials said that they have now obtained permission to expel the second individual and expected to do that by the end of the month.

5. (S/NF) Comment: All in all, the Latvians have probably handled the Kagolov case well, although there has been some press criticism for being "too soft."

They have a commitment to their Schengen partners but they also need to maintain their relations with Moscow.

Agreeing to let him stay in Latvia but not extend his visa seems a decent compromise.

On the other hand, proceeding with the expulsion of the second individual will create tensions with Moscow, which will likely retaliate.

The government was nervous about making an expulsion one of its first acts since it will have a chilling effect on relations with Russia, which had been on the upswing, but the evidence against him was apparently so compelling that PM Godmanis decided to proceed.

It is likely that the invitation for President Zatlers to visit Moscow will be a casualty of this decision, but it should be a move that will have strong support among the ethnic Latvian population of the country. SELDOWITZ

US embassy cable - 08RIGA348 Peoples Party's Junkyard Dog: Gundars Berzins




Embassy Riga


2008-06-16 11:51:00






This cable was not redacted by Wikileaks.




DE RUEHRA #0348/01 1681151


R 161151Z JUN 08






E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PGOV, PINR, LG SUBJECT: Peoples Party's Junkyard Dog: Gundars Berzins

1. Summary. For almost a year, one of the leading members of the People's Party (TP) Gundars Berzins has regularly given interviews to daily paper Neatkariga Rita Avize (NRA) where he harshly and offensively criticizes developments, institutions, persons that according to his views hamper the implementation of the TP's intentions and policies. A constant object of his criticism has been the U.S., in particular the Embassy and the former Ambassador, who according to Berzins, was "intervening in Latvia's domestic affairs and squeezing Latvian politicians like lemons." His influence within the party, as well as the lack of any desire by others in the party to distance themselves from his statements leads to a conclusion that Berzins' statements are something more than personal views of Mr. Berzins.

While they may not be the official views of TP, party leaders certainly see value in a bit of anti-American rhetoric for their voters.

End summary.

2. For almost a year one of the most influential People's Party members Gundars Berzins has had a series of interviews mostly with a daily NRA (the fact, that the daily is owned by Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs should not be underestimated either).

Each interview is full of extremely rude, often obscene, statements aimed at various high officials. His attacks started last fall just before the previous Ambassador gave a speech at the University of Latvia on the status of rule of law in Latvia. Berzins reproached the U.S. Ambassador for what he termed constant interventions into Latvian domestic affairs and attacked Latvian politicians for being too weak to oppose her.

3. Then followed a series of interviews where Berzins continued voicing strong anti-American stances along with harsh criticism towards any official, and institution, including "Diena," the anti-corruption bureau (KNAB) and its chief Loskutovs, Latvian President Zatlers, intelligence (SAB) chief Kazocins, Prosecutor General Maizitis, and others.

The level of criticism seemed in direct proportion to activities that might run counter to the interests of TP or its supporters.

As debate began on the possibility of reelecting Kazocins, Berzins claimed (falsely) that Kazocins visitd the Embassy 2 - 3 times a week and compared him to a kitchen maid for the US Ambassador.

4. His statements are often openly rude and provocative. For instance, when asked to comment on a statement of former Minister of Foreign Affairs Artis Pabriks [when Pabriks decided to resign as minister and also leave TP Pabriks stated that some comments of the TP oldest members, clearly meaning Berzins, on alleged US intervention in Latvia's affairs are not acceptable] Berzins responded "the little boy should change his wet pampers, put on the new ones and then come out to the public and reveal his true views on restitution to the Jewish community." (adding some anti-Semitism to go with anti-Americanism).

Berzins did not spare even President Zatles, although he was among a handful of people who participated in the selection and "training" of the candidate. In one interview, following the collapse of the Kalvitis government and after Zatlers rejected TP's candidate for PM, Berzins compared President Zatlers to a carpet that just lays there and where one can urinate or even defecate on.

(Comment: The President is reported to have had a colorful reaction in his own right.

End comment.)

5. More recently, as the scandal on money missing from the KNAB has grown, Berzns has suggested that there is a "cancer" in the security institutions that threatens Latvia.

He has been especially critical of KNAB chief Loskutovs.

Loskutovs and his supporters note with a combination or amusement and disbelief that last fall, during Kalvitis' attempts to remove Loskutovs, Berzins talked about more than 100,000 lats being missing from KNAB -- a fact that did not become known to the KNAB or prosecutors office until April of this year.

6. The response of TP members is notable for often being non-existent.

None of Berzins' statements have been officially supported by his party or individual members. At the same time, there have not been any attempts of the party or its individual members to condemn or distance themselves from the offensive and ungrounded statements. The usual response of individual party members when asked to comment the statements has been that those are personal views of Gundars Berzins and he has the right to voice his personal views.

While people who are not related to TP are not convinced that those are simply Berzins' personal views because of his status within the party.

7. Comment: Berzins statements should be seen in the context of his status within the TP. Berzins is probably the second most influential person within the party, after founder Andris Skele. Berzins was one of a original founders of the party and has managed to remain one of Skele's closest associates. He has been quite successful in public politics: he has been elected to parliament several times, including the last two parliaments. In 2004, he became minister of health in the Kalvitis government and continued to be a health minister also in the next Kalvitis government after the 2006 elections, resigning in 2007 saying he needed to rest. Some signs of anti-Americanism were observed when he strongly lobbied prohibition of the sale of Coca-cola in schools in 2006.

The rules he proposed unfairly targeted Coca-Cola in comparison to other

RIGA 00000348

002 OF 002

 similar brands and he refused multiple offers by the company to discuss alternative resolutions to his concerns. After leaving politics, he claimed that he would fully devote himself to farming business. However, he is still quite a visible figure in Latvian political scene - he is believed to be the one who noticed potential prime ministers in Kalvitis and TP nominee last fall to succeed Kalvitis, Kuldiga mayor Edgars Zalans. He is also participating in all crucial high level and quite often confidential inter-party meetings. From time to time, his name is mentioned as a potential TP candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

8. Comment, cont: Most of Berzins' statements are not based on verifiable facts and his tone is often simply offensive and rude. However, the statements should not be underestimated either, because they are published in one of the biggest Latvian dailies and the timing and content of the interviews seem to be rather well planned. Whatever the reason for them and whatever the origin, his statements are used as an instrument to a voice within TP on issues which could not be included in its official policy, including attacking the U.S.

Nevertheless, these views resonate with a certain part of the electorate, so TP is perfectly happy to reap the political benefit of such attacks.


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