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Jau trīs Latvijas Valsts prezidenti nav ņēmuši vērā manas vēstules, ar kurām viņi aicināti kā valsts galvas rīkoties, lai Latvijā aizvien biežāk notiekošās katastrofas mazinātu, attīstot drošības kultūru un nopietnāku attieksmi pret visa veida drošības jautājumiem, - ar šādu vēstījumu pie Pietiek elektroniskā pasta vēstulē vērsies Maikls Džonsons: viņš esot amerikānis, kurš jau kopš 1999. gada dzīvojot Latvijā un šajā laikā neveiksmīgi mēģinājis panākt, lai viņu uzklausītu Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, Valdis Zatlers un Andris Bērziņš.

No Džonsona iesūtītā apraksta izriet, ka viņš visus trīs prezidentus mudinājis iedibināt aktīvu programmu, lai attīstītu drošības kultūru Latvijas sabiedrībā, kuras pārstāvji pašlaik "savās ikdienas dzīvēs maz domā par tā drošību, ko un kā viņi dara".

Pēdējoreiz Džonsons savus ierosinājumus valsts prezidentam Andrim Bērziņam nosūtījis šā gada 23. jūnijā, pēc Rīgas pils ugunsgrēka, taču nekādu atbildi neesot saņēmis - tikai automātisku informāciju, ka viņa elektroniskā vēstule saņemta.

Pēc Džonsona domām, negadījumi notiek un notiks, taču tas, kas notiek Latvijā, liecina, ka tik īsā laika sprīdī uz tik nelielu iedzīvotāju skaitu notiekošo negadījumu skaits ir milzīgs un vainojama ir tieši visu līmeņu nevērība pret drošības jautājumiem.

Pietiek publicē Džonsona angliski rakstīto vēstuli ar tās pielikumiem. Pagaidām nav izdevies noskaidrot, kāpēc prezidents Bērziņš, kurš pēc Zolitūdes traģēdijas asi kritizēja vispārējo bezatbildības sistēmu, jau pēc Rīgas pils degšanas nav pievērsis nekādu uzmanību Džonsona pārdomām un ieteikumiem tieši par šo tēmu.

No: Michael Johnson

E-pasts: [email protected]

Hello: I have read with interest your recent article on the Maxima roof disaster. I find your point of view interesting; however, I would like to offer an even more basic, fundamental topic of conversation.

The ROOT cause of accidents both on a personal and on a mass level are due to the LACK of a Culture of Safety for people and situations at the social level. Accidents happen and accidents will continue to happen. But, there are FAR TOO MANY accidents in such a small population in such a short period of time.

In everyday life, you can see it with your own eyes:

1. people working in dangerous situations without safety glasses (gardeners - leaf blowing, etc)

2. workman using metal ladders outside working with electricity and electric tools

3. workman outside in rain and wet ground without ground fault electrical cords and protection

4. workman cutting bricks and street / sidewalk pave stones and bricks without improper equipment, tools, setups, eye protection, proper footwear

5. driving habits that are unsafe including speed, drugs and drinking, mobile phones and more

6. poor planning for what to do and how to do in case of an incident

7. lack of preparedness and lack of tools for the response teams

8. poor training and practice of emergency teams

The list goes on and on. In my opinion, Latvians go about their daily lives with little thought about the safety of what and how they are doing.

Since 2002, I have made requests of previous Latvian Presidents and again on 23 June 2013 after the Riga Castle fire - with no response.

Paldies! Jūsu elektroniskais dokuments ir saņemts. Michael  mail-to-president.lv 2013.06.23. 11:03:52

Perhaps after this most unfortunate situation and with some assistance from your connections and your political leverage we may be able to putforth my point of view for some public discussion.

My proposal is -- that the top leadership of Latvia needs to join with senior Latvian citizens and put forth a serious Project to create a Culture of Safety awareness at all levels within the Latvian society.

Please refer to the attached document as it outlines one possible method of accomplishing this end.

Respectively submitted, Michael A. Johnson, (an American living in Latvia since 1999)

Again I ask you to take action!

How many more need to die or be injured before Latvians start to take SAFETY seriously?

Michael Arthur Johnson

21 November 2013 - after maxima accident

June 23, 2013

Dear Honorable Andris Bērziņš, President, Republic of Latvia

It is with great respect that I am writing to you about the very unfortunate events of the fire at Riga Castle.

I have spent much of my career dealing with security and large building assets and as a result I have extensive personal experience and knowledge in the preparation, development of emergency response programs for disasters. During the major earthquake in Northern California in 1971, I managed the response program at Hewlett-Packard Corporate Headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

I have for years now strongly believed that the ROOT CAUSE of accidents injuries and deaths in Latvia is due to the LACK of a Culture of Understanding around Safety - this includes safe driving, safety in the work place and safety preparedness testing of response personnel and the testing of critical equipment on a routine basis.

Yes, accidents happen and accidents will continue to happen.

That is NOT the issue at hand!

The issue is that the Latvian population does NOT consider SAFETY and the preparedness for safety issues a PRIORITY or even a concern.

A Culture of Safety is ONLY developed in the society from Leadership from the top of the country leaders.

As I suggested before once during Ms Vike-Freiberga Presidency and Mr. Zatlers Presidency, I will make the same suggestion to you Mr. President.

Establish an active program project within the government and put a specific person in charge of the program and you should personally retain review responsibility of the results.

The slow response of the Fire Department was NOT the result of budget cuts. The poor response was due to the lack of a preparedness and testing program within the safety services of Latvia.

The actual accident cause of the fire itself is due to a lack of awareness and concern for worker and workplace safety - PLAN AND SIMPLE!

My proposal on how to develop a culture of safety is outlined below in the body of my communication to President Zatlers in the year 2007.

My letter, by the way never even received a response form the President office.

My proposal to develop a Culture of Safety applies to a broad range of safety issues - at home - at schools - in private and public buildings - on the highways - by our bus and train operators, skilled and low level workers - families - children and even our government officials.

Should you have any questions about my proposal, I await your response.

Best regards, Mike Johnson An American living in Latvia since 1999

Forwarded message        

From: Patricia LTD staffl <[email protected]s.lv> Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 9:01 AM

Subject: Leadership is required to develop a culture of safety in Latvia To: [email protected]

Dear Dr. Valdis Zatlers, President of Latvia

It is great respect that I write to you today with a challenge of leadership to match the seriousness of your "Oath of Office".

After years of promises about new techniques and programs, the Latvian Road Police are losing the campaign to improve safety on the roads.

There have been also serious fires due to poor safety practices with many lifes lost.

Maybe it is time for a change in techniques?

Perhaps it is time for our new Latvian president to provide some leadership.

Our last president failed miserably to display any serious leadership on the "homefront"!

How about you Mr. President? Are you ready to "step-up" to the seriousness of the issues?

Already 216 people have died in road accidents in Latvia so far this year

Its all about leadership! Latvia needs to develop a culture of awareness for importance of protecting the health and safety of its citizens. Even more, each Latvian needs to develop the same awareness and desire to protect ones heath and safety.

Its all the same weather we are speaking about fire safety, safety on the roads and highways, pedestrian safety, worker safety, or the safety of our disadvantaged and our children!

Consider this         

Creating in one of the Latvian Ministries an official department for Safety Awareness. Making some one with charm and persuasive talents in charge.

Ask Raymond Pauls to be the official spokesman:

Have him create a few creative music jingle songs on safety awareness

Make a series of TV and Internet video clips with Mr. Pauls and several other Latvian recognizable officials doing:

1.   Stopping a trolleybus driver on the street and asking them to NOT talk on their cell phone

2.   Stopping a TRAM driver and asking them to not close the doors and start moving until all persons are on/off the tram

3.   Stop a car on the street using a radar gun for speeding and ask them to slow down

4.   Stop a workman when cutting bricks with a saw to wear safety glasses

5.   Inspect a tangled mess of small electrical wires connecting electric heaters in a room full of newspapers and magazines and people.

6.   Show Mr. Pauls walking on a dark highway wearing his arm reflector

7.   be creative there are many more possibilities

Develop a mass media public awareness campaign, newspapers, Internet portals, TV ads, talk shows, radio spot commercials, bus advertising, give away reflector arm bands, posters for the office

And more importantly get into the schools with 30 minute class sessions and school meetings all about safety in the home, on the streets, in the busses and in the cars, workplaces, lakes while ice fishing and on and on.

Lets get something started before there is another tragic loss of life in Latvia.

Now I have done something rather than simply complain .. what are you going to do about this most important issue today?

Mike Johnson, an expat living in Latvia

RIGA, April 10 (LETA) http://www.leta.lv

108 people have died in traffic accidents in Latvia in the first three months of the year, which is 40 percent more than in

the first three months of 2006, according to data from the Highway Police.

77 people were killed in traffic accidents in the first three months of 2006, and 84 in the respective period in 2005.

1,177 people sustained injuries in accidents in the past three months - a 33 percent increase over the respective period in 2006.

The largest number of fatalities in the first three months of the year were registered in Riga - 24, in Riga District - 26, in

Jelgava District - seven, in Limbazi and Jekabpils district - five and four in Tukums District.

In all, 8,140 traffic accidents, including 958 with casualties, were registered in Latvia in the first three months of the

year. This is 14 percent more than in the respective period of 2006.

Already 216 people have died in road accidents in Latvia so far this year

RIGA, Aug 10 (LETA) - In the first seven months of this year, already 216 people have died in road accidents throughout Latvia, which is 27 people more than in the respective period of 2006, shows the Highway Police data on the situation on Latvian roads.

41 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Riga District, 36 in Riga, 13 in Tukums District, 11 in Aizkraukle District, and ten in Ogre District.

3,373 people have suffered personal injuries in various road accidents this year, which is 645 people more than in the first seven months of 2006. The largest number of people injured in road accidents was recorded in Riga - 1,295, followed by Riga District - 376, Tukums District - 104, Ogre District - 98, and the districts of Cesis and Daugavpils - 89.

Overall, 19,380 road accidents were registered in Latvia by August 1, including 2,614 with casualties.

add to the list - more and more and more safety related disasters, accidents, etc:

Children home fire - several yers ago Fire at Riga hospital - oxygen tanks Explosion at Olaine chemical plant Maximum store roof colapse continued road accidents

.... end of message but sure to be ... more to come

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